The MWS was launched in 2011 to provide NZ’s largest wine producing region with its own wine competition.

The objective is to demonstrate to the world’s wine media and global wine markets that Marlborough offers significant and valuable diversity through its wine styles and sub-regions.

Having come of age within the sphere of ‘Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc’, it is time to discover, embrace and promote our other wine styles as well as diversity within Sauvignon Blanc itself.

The 2017 Marlborough Wine Show

Judging: 09 -11 October
Entries Open: 28 August
Entries Close: 22 September
Wine Samples Received by: 05 October
Results Distributed: 13 October
Celebration Dinner: 26 October


Previous winners

Chief Judge Oliver Masters spoke of the 2015 judging event, reporting that the 2015 Sauvignon Blancs were the strongest line-up of the varietal that he’d ever judged.

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The Marlborough Wine Show will review, assess and showcase style diversity and sub-regionality using a panel of professional, experienced judges from both New Zealand and overeas. This will provide the following outcomes:

  • Acknowledgment of and rewards for quality Marlborough wines
  • Trophies, gold, silver and bronze medal awards
  • Proof that Marlborough is about much more than Sauvignon Blanc
  • Proof that there are a number of styles of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
  • A review and assessment of older vintages
  • A relevant, credible platform for Marlborough producers to promote their wines
  • A celebration of excellence

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